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Ruth #15

Seated: Shannon Leachman, Cameron McDonald. Front Row: Jean Bodner, Anne Pritchard, Ann Reid #3, Kay Addison, Annette Zegers, Susan Nelson, Edith Graham, Janet Finlayson #3. Back Row: Lorna Horner, Ernie Cameron #3, Donna Brown, Debra James-Nielsen, Beth McPhaden, Maralice Blagden, Leonard Pritchard. Missing: Donna Coxe, Seana Fontaine. Protems: Members of Queen Mary Chapter #3.

Mailing Address: Box 364, Hamiota, MB ROM OTO

Meeting Location: Minnedosa Masonic Hall, 57 2nd Ave. NW, Minnedosa

Meeting Dates/Times: 2nd Wednesday at 2:00pm

Recess: January and February


Worthy MatronShannon Leachman PM
Worthy PatronCameron McDonald PP
Associate MatronAnne Pritchard PM
Associate PatronLeonard Pritchard PGP
Secretary Beth McPhaden PGM
TreasurerDonna Coxe
ConductressAnnette Zegers PM
Associate ConductressSeana Fontaine PM
ChaplainSusan Nelson PM
MarshalDonna Brown PM *
AdahMaralice Blagden PGM
RuthKay Addison PM
EstherDebra James-Nielsen PM
ElectaJean Bodner PM
WarderEdith Graham PM
SentinelLorna Horner PM

Affiliated Chapters

Victory #6, Russell #10, Artaban #16, Washakada #19, Royal York #30, Roblin #42, Bowsman #48, Benito #49, Sharon #52, Foxwarren #58

Past Matrons and Past Patrons

deceased, ^no longer a member, **Covid 24 month term

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Past MatronsYearPast Patrons
Christine Tolhurst *1923Ed Tisdall PGP *
Maude E. Smith *1924Ed Tisdall PGP *
Pearle Tisdall *1925William Wilson *
Elsie McCarthy *1926William Wilson *
Ruth Fleming PGM *1927Sidney McCarthy *
Ella Andrews *1928Joseph Tolhurst *
Susan Comrie *1929Joseph Tolhurst *
Anne Kitchingman *1930James Collen *
Jean Burton *1931Stanley Shackell *
Elizabeth Collen *1932Thomas Fleming *
Florence Elviss *1933Ernest Kitchingman *
Edith Cassidy *1934John Price *
Edith Cassidy *1935Fred Oates *
Edythe Cartwright *1936* Kitchingman *
Anne Wood * 1937Charles Elviss *
Frances Saint *1938Thomas Fleming *
Eva Walker *1939Joseph Tolhurst *
Emily Fasken *1940Ernest Kitchingman *
Emily Fasken *1941Edward Ashby *
Daisy Matthews *1942Edward Ashby *
Cecilia Asper *1943Frank Riches *
Nellie Price *1944Frank Riches *
Mary Evans *1945Ernest Kitchingman *
Dorothy Hooper *1946Frank Riches *
Edith McMillan *1947William Wilson *
Ella B. Riches *1948Frank Riches *
M. Gladys Glow *1949William Bradley PGP *
Florine Murton *1950Ernest Kitchingman *
Ada Gilhuly *1951William Wilson *
Winnifred McNeely *1952William Bradley PGP *
Jean Ripley *1953Ernest Kitchingman *
Ethel Ewasiuk *1954George D. L. Campbell *
Dorothy Taylor *1955Ernest Kitchingman *
Winnifred Mummery *1956George DL Campbell *
Betty Bradley *1957Ted Seymour *
Dagmar Ferguson *1958Ernest Kitchingman *
Irene Russell *1959James G. Brown *
Edith Brown *1960James G. Brown *
Janet Adamson *1961George DL Campbell *
Amy M. Taylor *1962Jack E. Deacon *
C. May Instance *1963Jack E. Deacon *
Ethel J. Tilling *1964Thomas A. Taylor PGP *
Lula F. Campbell *1965George D. L. Campbell *
Jessie Hymers *1966Jack E. Deacon *
Glenna Mitchell *1967Thomas A. Taylor PGP *
Marion Hooper *1968Lindsay Hymers *
Alice Taylor *1969Thomas A. Taylor PGP *
Maryetta Coates *1970Archie Coates *
Mary Deacon *1971Jack E. Deacon *
Jessie Moad *1972Fred Mitchell *
Nina Wilding *1973Thomas A. Taylor PGP *
Alice Taylor *1974Jack E. Deacon *
Maryetta Coates *1975Albert Moad *
Donna Brown *1976Archie Coates *
Ethel J. Tilling *1977Jack E. Deacon *
Jessie Moad *1978Thomas  A. Taylor PGP *
Mary Dickie *1979Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Donna Brown *1980Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Alice Taylor *1981Thomas A. Taylor PGP *
Maryetta Coates *1982Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Jessie Hymers *1983Jack E. Deacon *
Frances English *1984Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Donna Brown *1985George Mackay *
Lorna Horner1986Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Gwen Blake *1987George MacKay *
Audrah Caughell *1988Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Margaret Wilson *1989Graham Mansell ^*
Frances English *1990George MacKay *
Mary Dickie *1991Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Edith Hay *1992Fred Mitchell *
Gwen Blake *1993Melvin Nagorski *
Lois Nagorski1994Melvin Nagorski *
Edith Hay *1995Donald Hay *
Esther McQuarrie *1996Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Joyce Glasgow *1997Melvin Nagorski *
Frances English *1998Donald Hay *
Lois Nagorski1999Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Donna Brown *2000Melvin Nagorski *
Gwen Blake*2001Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Mary Dickie*2002Leonard Pritchard
Joyce Glasgow*2003Leonard Pritchard
Lois Nagorski2004Harvey L. Dickie PGP*
Gwen Blake*2005Leonard Pritchard
Mary Dickie*2006Harvey L. Dickie PGP
Lois Nagorski2007Leonard Pritchard
Karen Christiansen ^*2008Harvey L. Dickie PGP *
Debra James – Nielsen2009 – 2010John C. James *
Beth McPhaden PGM2011 – 2013Leonard Pritchard
Seana Fontaine2014Leonard Pritchard
Debra James-Nielsen2015Shaun Oakley
Beth McPhaden PGM2016Leonard Pritchard
Debra James-Nielsen2017Leonard Pritchard
Annette Zegers2018Brian Demond
Annette Zegers2019, 2020**Brian Demond
Anne Pritchard2021Leonard Pritchard
Seana Fontaine2022Leonard Pritchard PGP