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Ballroom Room at the OES Chalet set up for a Chapter meeting.
Eastern Star Chalet Front Entrance
Electa #2 at their fundraising Cookie Walk.
A long history of tradition in the OES.
Queen Mary #3 Chapter working a charity event for the NICU

A Fraternity of Service, Dedication, and Love.

What is the Order of the Eastern Star?

Our over 300,000 members across the globe, collectively give millions of dollars and countless hours of volunteer work for our communities each year. We make a positive impact one day, one hour, and one dollar at a time. Join us and learn new ways to impact your world!

Find out more about the Order of the Eastern Star here.

Membership is the key to our success and to our future worldwide. Our Members support our Masonic Family affiliations, our Communities,  our Charities,  our Families, our Seniors, our Armed Forces, and our Country.

Together we enhance lives and communities through service and fellowship based on biblical principles

Join! Learn! Impact Your World!
OES Quilt Manitoba

A History of Service

The OES has a long history of supporting charities in their community.

A Place in the Community