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Queen Winnipeg #1

Queen Winnipeg Chapter #1 was Instituted on August 12, 1909, and met at the Commercial Traveller’s hall on Main Street, Winnipeg. In 1910 we moved to the Odd Fellows Temple on Kennedy Street until a fire destroyed the building and contents in 1946. We believe that Queen Winnipeg then went back to the Odd Fellows Temple.

In 1976 we moved to the Masonic Memorial Temple and in January 1984, we held our first meeting in the Canada Room. On April 14, 2011, we held our first meeting in the new Eastern Chalet Complex at 525 Cathcart Street in Charleswood and installed their 2011-2012 officers. History was presented by Sister Carole McElheran PGM.

Mailing Address: 121 Stockdale St, Winnipeg, MB R3R 2G5

Meeting Location: Manitoba Eastern Star Chalet, 525 Cathcart Street Winnipeg, MB

Meeting Dates/Times: 4th Thursday at 8pm. Exceptions: June & December when on the 2nd Thursday at 8pm

Recess: July and August


Worthy MatronHeather Grove PM
Worthy PatronJim Hutchison PGP
Associate MatronCarol Hadley WGM
Associate PatronAllan Hadley WGP
SecretaryRosanne Hall PM
TreasurerAnita Huhn PM
ConductressViv Henderson PM
Associate ConductressMarlene Simmons
ChaplainNancy Drewniak PGM
MarshalBruce Burke PGP
OrganistBarbara Green PM
RuthLinda Langtry PM
EstherLinda Spina PGM
MarthaJean Hutchison PGM
WarderRon Hall PGP
SentinelHamish Barrit PP

Affiliated Chapters

Mizpah #14, Jephthah #22, Sheba #51

Past Matrons and Past Patrons

*deceased, ^no longer a member, ** Covid 24 month term

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Rose Smith *1909Samuel Reeves *
Annie Pearce *1910James Prenergrast *
Rose Smith *1911James Predergrast *
Isabelle English *1912Alexander Gamble *
Isabelle English *1913Alexander Gamble *
Margaret Prende *1914Harley Deeks *
Kathleen Wood PGM *1915Robert C. Ward *
Mary Vanstone PGM *1916David Park *
Margaret Ward *1917Edwin  Hacking PGP *
Ida Colbert PGM *1918Owen Chapman *
Kathleen Tait * 1919Owen Chapman *
Anne Dart *1920Edwin Hacking PGP *
Ada Lewis *1921Roscoe Baker *
Elizabeth Charlesworth *1922William Motheral PGP *
Evelyn J. Peebles PGM *1923Edward Fritze *
Evelyn J. Peeples PGM *1924James J. Murray *
Millie Williamson *1925Horace Charlesworth *
Jane Hodge PGM *1926Herbert Bromley *
N. Mae Vincent *1927Arthur Pearce PGP *
Mary Murray *1928William Boyd *
Sara Poucher *1929Thomas Vincent *
Jessie B. Kent *1930William Lambert *
Alice I. Gordon *1931Edward Fritze *
Annie I. Bazen *1932Arthur Haynes *
Joanne Wiginton *1933Alex Shepherd PGP *
Mary Robinson *1934Harry Del Bigio *
Anne Kneebone *1935William Motheral PGP *
Edith Huxley *1936William Boyd *
Jean A. Neal *1937Harry Del Bigio *
Lily Dainty *1938Harry Del Bigio *
Marjorie Thompson *1939William Lambert *
Jennie  Gowler *1940Alex Shepherd PGP *
Marquerita Rae *1941William Boyd *
Margaret Armstrong *1942William Motheral PGP *
Winnie Fleming PGM *1943William Boyd *
Mabel Sammons *1944Edward Fritze *
Grace Reed *1945William Motheral PGP *
Jean McGee *1946William Boyd *
Harriet Harrod *1947William Motheral PGP *
Annie Evans *1948William Boyd *
Florence Barton *1949Harrison Thurlbeck *
Olive Burbank *1950William Motheral PGP *
Jessie Wood *1951Harrison Thurlbeck *
Rose Thurlbeck *1952Harrison Thurlbeck *
Jean Edgar *1953Leonard Andrew *
Winnifred Taylor *1954 Harry Spinks *
Ella Underhill *1955John P. Edgar PG P *
Christine Chambers *1956Harrison Thurlbeck *
Irene Armstrong *1957John P. Edgar PGP *
Nell Partridge *1958Harrison Thurlbeck *
Isabel Curwain PGM1959John P. Edgar PGP *
Agnes Roy * 1960John Roy *
Gertrude Barton *1961John P. Edgar PGP *
Mary Low *1962John Roy *
Daisy Tooth *1963John Roy *
Clarene M. Gault *1964William Anderson *
E. Marjorie Currie *1965John S. Weir *
Ina Lawson *1966William Anderson *
Jean M. Dick *1967John S. Weir *
Agnes Wayman *1968William Anderson *
Edith Despins *1969William Anderson *
Vera G. Deakin *1970John S. Weir *
June O’Connell *1971William Anderson *
Shad Ferguson *1972John S. Weir *
Evelyne Johnston *1973William Anderson *
Helen B. Kane *1974John S. Weir *
Helen V. Ross *1975William Anderson *
Mary E. Long *1976William C. Long *
Jean M. Hardie *1977William Anderson *
Marjorie L. Ellis *1978 William C. Long *
Judy A. Walker ^ 1979William Anderson *
Rita M. Robertson *1980Fred Robertson PGP *
Elaine Doylend *1981Charles Hearn *
Ishbel Turnbull ^1982James Turnbull *
Lola M. Ferguson *1983Robert A. Ferguson *
Lorraine Shields *1984Fred Robertson PGP *
Linda Moffat ^1985George M. McLean *
Jean M. Hendry *1986John Unrau PGP *
Melba M. Allen1987 James Turnbull *
Betty McLean *1988John Unrau PGP *
Jean Hutchison, PGM1989James Hutchison PGP
Mabel Sayer *1990James Green *
Nanette Magill *1991Hugh Magill *
Madeline Justice *1992Fred Robertson PGP *
Linda Spina PGM1993James Hutchison PGP
Barbara Green1994 James Green *
* Lynda Benson *1995Andrew Huhn
Vivian Henderson1996James Hutchison PGP
Sandra Ebata1997Rick Unrau ^
Linda Langtry1998Stano Spina *
Anita Huhn1999Andrew Huhn
* Marjorie Clowes *2000Howard Clowes *
Charlotte Banks2001James Green *
Jean Hutchison PGM2002James Hutchison PGP
Linda Spina PGM2003Stano Spina *
* Lynda Benson *2004Ron Hall PGP
^ Bonnie Kvern ^2005Stano Spina *
^ Bonnie Kvern ^2006Stano Spina *
Rosanne Hall2007Ron Hall PGP
Viv Henderson2008James Hutchison PGP
Anita Huhn2009Chibu Uson PGP
Bonnie Benson ^2010Stano Spina *
Jean Hutchison PGM2011James Hutchison PGP
Nanette Magill *2012Barry Homenick
Barbara Green2013Robert Green
Viv Henderson2014Chibu Uson PGP
Rosanne Hall2015Ron Hall PGP
Barbara Green2016Robert  Green
Linda Spina PGM2017James Hutchison PGP
Rosanne Hall2018Ron Hall PGP
Jean Hutchison PGM2019, 2020**James Hutchison PGP
Carol Hadley2021Allan Hadley
Nancy Drewniak PGM2022Hamish Barrit
Jean Hutchison PGM2023Ron Hall PGP
Affiliated Past Matrons and Past Patrons
Past MatronChapter Past Patron
Alwyn Ammeter
Carol AndersonSelkirk #35
Joan Anderson