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Queen Mary #3

Mailing Address: Box 1775, Killarney, MB R0K 1G0

Meeting Location: Trinity United Church, 1515 6th Street, Brandon, MB

Meeting Dates/Times: 2nd Monday at 7:30 pm.
Exceptions: October then on the 1st Monday at 7:30 pm.

Recess: January and February


Worthy MatronDoreen Stapleton PM
Worthy Patron
Associate MatronJanet Finlayson PGM
Associate PatronJim Finlayson PGP
SecretaryLynne Hagberg PGM
TreasurerJune McLean PM
ConductressSandra Worley PM
Associate ConductressDarlene Bunch PM
ChaplainEllen Strange PM
MarshalBonnie McKinstry
OrganistMarilyn Stewart
AdahBarbara Borowski PM
RuthEleanor “Norie” Rathwell PM
MarthaElaine Nairne PM
ElectaJoyce McTaggart PM
WarderShirley March

Affiliated Chapters

Victoria #5, Minnehaha #9, Queen Esther #12, Souris #26, Melita #34, Reston #36, Deloraine #37, Concord #39, Royal Valley #40, Pembina #44, Oakwood #46 , Killarney #53, Morden #54, Pelican Lake #62

Past Matrons and Past Patrons

*deceased, ^no longer a member, **Covid 24 month year

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Florence Harrington *1917D. W. Lidster *
Jessie Crawford PGM * *1918Richard Stinson *
Lillian Stinson *1919Fred Dennett *
Minnie Bolton *1920Edward Bolton *
Lydia Dales *1921David Taylor *
Rachel Dennett *1922Joseph Jennings *
Rachel Dennett 6mo *1923Joseph Jennings *
Alma Stinson 6mo *1923Fred Dennett *
Florence Rutherford *1924Herbert Tidford *
Mary Fritz *1925James Douglas *
Ethel Ostrander *1926Fred Dennett *
I. Mable Fletcher *1927William Lidster *
Annie McLeod PGM *1928Wilbert Lidster *
Vivian Whyte *1929George Robertson PGP *
Jessie Tatton *1930William Fletcher *
Eveline Harrup *1931William Fletcher *
Ella McDonald *1932George Robertson PGP *
Hortense Wood *1933William Fletcher *
Ethel Johns *1934William Fletcher *
Mabel Parrett *1935George Robertson PGP *
Margaret Dundas *1936William Fletcher *
Laura Rowan *1937William Fletcher *
Edith Ward * *1938George Robertson PGP *
Clara Sutherland *1939William Fletcher *
Maude Townson *1940George Robertson PGP *
Rosalee Stone *1941George Robertson PGP *
Rhoda Rogers *1942William Fletcher *
Rose Saunderson *1943William Fletcher *
Edith Crosbie *1944William Lang *
Enid Sunter *1945Frank Stanley *
Mabel Jory *1946David Sunter *
Gladys Shankland *1947William Lang *
Annie Sumerville *1948Henry Thomas *
Reta Reed *1949William Lang *
Katherine Struthers *1950Henry Thomas *
Aileen Broatch *1951Henry Thomas *
Norma Wyborn *1952Hill Montgomery *
Elsie Rutherford *1953William Weir *
Susan Hunter *1954William Weir *
Katherine Long *1955James Hamilton *
Lillian Beal *1956William Middleton *
Jean Montgomery *1957William Middleton *
Jonina Fjeldsted *1958William Dick *
Agnes Neilson PGM *1959Henry Bullion *
Jean Bridges *1960Garrett Russell *
Jessie Curll *1961Horace H Speight *
Ila Mealbry *1962Wilfred Meabry *
Edith Titchener *1963R. Wesley Brooks *
Lillian Bain AGM *1964J. Milton *
Violet Russell *1965G. Albert Arnason *
Betty Halley *1966W. Gordon Wilkinson *
Violet Hodgson *1967J. Garrett Russell *
Genivieve Macintosh *1968Milton Curll *
Jean Stacey *1969James Simmons *
Lilliss Bullion *1970Henry Bullion *
Harriet Campbell *1971Albert Arnason *
Ella Perdue *1972Stewart Perdue *
Isabelle McCallum * 1973Raymond Townsend *
Gladys Fisher *1974Raymond Townsend *
Delores Dixon *1975G. Albert Arnason *
Helen Snydal *1976Lorne Veale *
Mame McCrae *1977Howard McCrae *
Frances Stewart PGM * 1978Raymond Townsend *
Louise Maloney ^1979J. Thomas Stacey *
Ellen Cavanagh *1980Peter Winter *
Claire Goldstone *1981Allan Robertson ^
Jean D. Young *1982Donald McDonald *
Ann Reid1983Peter Winter *
Patricia Horner ^1984Henry Penner PGP *
Barbara Warrell * 1985Robert Warrell *
Lori Thomson PGM1986Lorne Veale *
Margaret Neilson *1987Robert Neilson *
Ann Reid1988Garnet Reid *
Barbara Borowski1989Ernest Lowe ^
Sandra Worley1990John Worley ^
Elaine Nairne1991J. Thomas Stacey *
Eleanor Rathwell1992John Worley ^
Barbara Warrell *1993Allan Robertson ^
Joyce McTaggart 1994Morley McKay *
Barbara Robinson *1995Ernest Lowe ^
Janet Finlayson PGM1996Jim Finlayson PGP
Leona Hanke ^1997John Worley ^
Helen Hodge PGM ^1998Ron Hodge PGP ^ *
Lorna Scott ^1999Morley McKay *
Joyce McTaggart2000Ron Hodge PGP ^ *
Patricia Horner 2001John Worley ^
Heather Morrison * 2002Robert Deacon *
Sandra Worley2003Robert Deacon *
June Dauphinais2004Jim Finlayson PGP
Yvonne Hodge ^2005Ron Hodge PGP ^ *
Helen Hodge PGM ^2006Ernest Cameron
Heather Morrison * 2007Ernest Cameron
Bernice Bertram2008Jim Finlayson PGP
Ann Reid2009Ron Hodge PGP ^ *
June Dauphanais2010Brian Demond
Sandra Worley2011Brian Demond
Barbara Borowski2012Jim Finlayson PGP
Ellen Strange2013Brian Demond
Ann Reid2014Jim Finlayson PGP
Elaine Nairne2015Bruce Tripp ^
June Dauphinais2016Brian Demond
Heather Morrison * 2017Morley McKay *
Lori Thomson PGM2018Ron Church
Lynne Hagberg PGM2019, 2020**Elmer Hunter *
Helen Hicks2021Ernie Cameron
Doreen Stapleton 2022Ernie Cameron
Doreen Stapleton2023Ernie Cameron