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Patricia #8

Mailing Address: Box 45, Grp 328, RR#3, Selkirk, MB R1A 2A8

Meeting Location: Masonic Memorial Centre, 420 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg

Meeting Dates/Times: 4th Monday at 8:00pm. Exceptions: May, June and December then on 2nd Monday at 2:00pm.

Recess: July and August


Worthy MatronLisa Bardal
Worthy PatronBruce Burke PGP
Associate MatronPhyllis Dyck PGM
Associate PatronHerb Solmundson PGP
Secretary Lynn-Joy Batenchuk PM
ConductressPamela Eagleton PGM
Associate ConductressMaret Mann PM
Chaplain Maisie Johnson PM
Marshal Bryan Bishop PP
Organist vacant
Adah Gloria Gray
Ruth Margo Bishop
EstherJudy Prokopchuk PM
MarthaBeverly Gowler
WarderValerie Morgan PM
SentinelClifford Hardy PP

Affiliated Chapters

St. James #25, Jubilee #27, Aurora #28, Constellation #38, Empress #60, Rainbow #63, Fidelity #65

Past Matrons and Past Patrons

*deceased, ^no longer a member, **Covid 24 month term

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Emma Loveridge *1920William Gault PGP *
Nellie Gault *1921Alex Hudson *
Annie McLaren *1922Clayton Warren *
Allice Hudson * 1923William Walker *
Melissa Farley *1924George Mines PGP *
Verginia Taylor *1925W. Williamson *
Gyda Hocking *1926Charles Coates PGP *
Mary Lorimer *1927John Simm *
Elsie Courtney *1928John Westby *
May Pascoe *1929Harry Whalley *
Anne Mackie PGM *1930Harry Whalley *
Maude Coates PGM *1931John Simm *
Beatrice Simm *1932Frank Ottley *
Dinah Gronbach PGM *1933Thomas Cavaghan *
Georgie Gunn *1934James Stephan *
Dora Meadow *1935James Stephen *
Ellen Wood *1936John Cartwright PGP *
Lily Parkes *1937James Stephen *
Florence Tustin *1938George Mines PGP *
Mary Poole *1939Charles Coates PGP *
Tommy Dickie *1940John Cartwright PGP *
Ruth Swanton PGM *1941Miles Selby *
Ada Harriman *1942Arthur Hopkins PGP *
Marjorie Dicken *1943Bert Meadow *
Gladys Gronback *1944Arthur Hopkins PGP *
Bertha Mcllory*1945Miles Selby *
Norma Selby *1946Thomas Fleming *
Jean Martin *1947Miles Selby *
Amy Thierry *1948Thomas Fleming *
Catherine Dodsworth *1949Charles Coates PGP *
Laura Fisher *1950Tom Upjohn *
Elizabeth Kenyon *1951Arthur Hopkins PGP *
Laura Ottley *1952Arthur Maskell *
Daisey Hopkind *1953Peter Olson *
Christjana Crow *1954Charles Coates PGP *
Ivy Upjohn *1955John Upjohn *
Esther Stebbing *1956John Stebbing *
Muriel Reid * 1957Arthur Maskell *
Alma Abercrombie *1958Ronald Rogers *
Esther Wilding PGM *1959William Abercrombie *
Anne Fitzgerald *1960David Reid *
Shirley Matthews *1961James Davidson *
Olive Simpson *1962John Stebbing *
Christine Whyte *1963Doug Adams *
Bernadene Rutherford *1964James Davidson *
Datherine Chapman *1965Robert Miller *
Jessie Davidson *1966James Davidson *
Anna Allen *1967Harry Allen *
Ann Hall *1968Robert Morris *
Jean Watson PGM *1969Robert Morris *
Marguerite Hopper *1970David Rei d *
Margaret Norrie *1971Peter Proskurnok *
Doreen Morris *1972Robert Morris *
Ada Boyce *1973David Reid *
Ellen Thompson *1974Ted McLennan *
Ann Proskurnik *1975Peter Proskurnik *
Viola Perkins PGM *1976Ted McLennan *
Reta Pascoe *1977Ted McLennan *
June McLennan *1978Ted McLennan *
Merl Voakes *1979Douglas Smith *
Patricia Ewonchuk *1980Douglas Smith *
Margaret Campbell *1981Peter Proskurnik *
Jean Morrison *1982Robert Morris *
Violet McKenzie *1983Peter Proskurnik *
Irene Ogilvie *1984Douglas Smith *
Bertha Hallson *1985Murdo Morrison *
Olga Shiels *1986Baldur Johnson PGP *
Moira Simm *1987Orval Voakes *
June McLennan *1988Ted McLennan *
Morag Bird *1989Douglas Smith *
Maisie Johnson1990Baldur Johnson PGP *
Martha Wens *1991Orval Voakes
Margaret Campbell *1992Baldur Johnson PGP *
Merl Voakes *1993Orval Voakes *
Arleigh Perkins *1994Herb Solmundson PGP
Carolyn Buckley *1995Art Buckley PGP
Olga Shiels *1996Orval Voakes *
Maisie Johnson1997Baldur Johnson PGP *
Elsa Wilson *1998Murdo Morrison *
Beth Kondratuk1999Arthur Buckley PGP
Marilyn Jack (Arnott)2000Robert Jack
Donna Zaporzan *2001Herb Solmundson PGP
Pamela Eagleton PGM2002Arthur Buckley PGP
Chris Porter PGM2003Baldur Johnson PGP *
Ray Anderson PGM *2004Orval Voakes *
Irene Laing2005Douglas Smith *
Moria Solmundson2006Herb Solmundson PGP
Merle Voakes *2007Orval Voakes*
Rhonda Daski2008Arthur Buckley PGP
Maryet Mann2009Orval Voakes *
Carolyn Buckley *2010Arthur Buckley PGP
Amy Butcher2011Douglas Smith *
Lynn-Joy Batenchuk2012Orval Voakes *
Chris Porter PGM2013Bruce Burke PGP
Pamela Eagleton PGM2014Arthur Buckley PGP
Rhonda Daski2015Herb Solmundson PGP
Valerie Morgan2016Orval Voakes *
Phyllis Dyck PGM2017Herb Solmundson PGP
Margaret English *2018David English PGP *
Chris Porter PGM2019, 2020**Bryan Bishop
Maryet Mann2021Cameron Wait
Valerie Morgan2022Herb Solmundson PGP