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Electa #2

Mailing Address: , 1302 Crescent Rd. W., Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 0Z7

Meeting Location: Portage Masonic Hall, 52 Tupper St. S., Portage la Prairie, MB

Meeting Dates/Times: 3rd Wednesdays at 8:00 pm.
Exceptions: November, December, January, and February meetings are at 1:00 pm.

Recess: July and August


Worthy MatronHilda McMillan PGM
Worthy PatronBob McMillan PGP
Associate MatronEdith Penman PM
Associate PatronOrrist Michalenka PP
SecretaryWendy Safruik PM
TreasurerJo-Anne Knox PM
ConductressPat Shuttleworth PM
Associate ConductressMargaret Cove PM
ChaplainElwyn Brown PP
MarshalGerald Tennant PP
RuthDianne Tennant
EstherSally Tully PM
MarthaHelen Ebel PM
ElectaKae Yurkiw

Affiliated Chapters

Palestine #7, Naomi #11, Elm Creek#32

Past Matrons and Past Patrons

*deceased, ^no longer a member **Covid 24 Month Term

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Leila Hazelton PGM *1914William Bedman *
Leila Hazelton PGM *1915William Bedman *
Annie McKee *1916William Bedman *
Winnifred McPherson * 1917Walter Tait *
Ada Smith *1918Samuel McKee PGP *
Ada Smith *1919Charles Crobb *
Mamie Boak *1920Harry Preece *
Christina Grieve *1921Harry Preece *
Edith Tait *1922Clement King *
Ethel Hill *1923Charles Krempaeux *
Ivy Stevens *1924William Witt *
Annie Grobbs *1925Archibald Lyon *
Olive Davidson *1926Sidney McKay *
Mabel Snyder *1927Erle George *
Margaret Trimble *1928George Dewar *
Elizabeth Winton *1929John McKenzie *
Minnie Fallis *1930William Grieve *
Lillian Whyte *1931James McRae *
Elizabeth McLean *1932Allan Fallis PGP *
Madge Lyon *1933H. Winton *
Mary Price PGM *1934Joseph Hyde *
Christina Wright *1935George Wright *
Annie Simpson *1936William Brown *
Agnes McKay *1937Clement King *
Emma Baker1938George Wright *
Frances Hyde *1939Joseph Hyde *
Jessie Crewson *1940Charles Grobb *
Hope Bailey *1941Charles Cole *
Etta Crewson *1942George Abernathy *
Marion Mowatt *1943George Dewar *
Edith Smith *1944Hugh Winton *
Katherine Loochuk *1945George Wright *
Jean Rutledge *1946George Dewar *
Lila M. Hyde *1947George Dewar *
Ada Smale *1948William Preece *
Jessie Keats *1949J. Kenneth Lee *
Anne Kerr *1950George Wright *
Runa Garrett *1951George Dewar *
Florence Ashby *1952Keith Bradley *
Lillian McJannet *1953Henry Lamoureux *
Eva Grigg *1954George Wright *
Norma Guinn PGM *1955George Dewar *
Irene Penman *1956George Wright *
Viola Lamont *1957Edward W. Smale *
Minnie McDougall *1958Edward Ashby *
Bertha Campbell *1959William Bradley *
Irene Slater *1960George Slater *
Jessie Renwick *1961Percy Renwick *
Ena Bradley *1962Edward Smale *
Pearl Roy *1963Percy Renwick *
Doreen Bagrie1964William Bradley *
Nettie Buddick *1965Edward Smale *
Doreen Cobbe 1966Percy Renwick *
Muriel Jessiman *1967William Bradley *
Doreen Wall *1968Robert Moss *
Harriet McCleary *1969Robert Moss *
Jean Gallagher *1970Roy Watson *
Ella Cook *1971Edward Ashby *
Fredda Fraser1972Nels Link *
Rose Parrott *1973E. W. Smale *
Helen McLeod *1974Lawrence Taylor *
Gwen Gretsinger *1975Nels Link *
Marilyn Giffin *1976William Bradley *
Gladys Crealock *1977Stan Rideout *
Isabelle Link *1978Nels Link *
Vicki Johnson *1979Gordon Nichol *
Merle Rideout *1980Stan Rideout *
Eileen John *1981Gordon Nichol *
Millicent Cox *1982Stan Johnson PGP *
Audrey Hewitt *1983Edward Ashby *
Miriam Nichol *1984Alvin Hewitt *
Sally Tully1985Stan Johnson PGP *
Norma Guinn PGM *1986Gordon Nichol *
Aileen Young *1987Terry Safruik ^
Pearl McDonald *1988Stan Johnson PGP *
Wendy Safruik1989Terry Safruik ^
Jo-Anne Knox1990Alvin Hewitt *
Sally Tully1991Stan Johnson PGP *
Vicki Johnson *1992Jack Blowers *
Pat Tutte ^1993J. Terry Tutte ^
Marilyn Stanger *1994Terry Safruik ^
Wendy Safruik1995Stan Johnson PGP *
Helen McKay1996Harold McKay *
Marilyn Stanger *1997Roy Watson *
Vicki Johnson *1998Stan Johnson PGP *
Wendy Safruik1999Alvin Stanger PGP *
Gillian McAllister *2000Gordon Ebel PGP *
Sally Tully2001Stan Johnson PGP *
Ann Edgeworth *2002Alvin Stanger PGP *
Helen Ebel2003Gordon Ebel PGP *
Christine McGillivray ^2004Stan Johnson PGP *
Jean Michalenka *2005Orrist Michalenka
Pat Shuttleworth2006Lyall Wood *
Jean Michalenka *2007Orrist Michalenka
Vicki Johnson *2008Alvin Stanger PGP *
Edith Penman2009Stan Johnson PGP *
Helen Ebel2010Orrist Michalenka
Wendy Safruik2011Alvin Stanger PGP *
Helen Ebel2012Orrist Michalenka
Helen Ebel2013Orrist Michalenka
Wendy Safruik2014Orrist Michalenka
Edith Penman2015Elwyn Brown
Hilda McMillan PGM2016Gerald Tennant
Sandra Drysdale*2017Orrist Michalenka
Edith Penman2018Gerald Tennant
Edith Penman2019, 2020**Robert McMillan PGP
Hilda McMillan PGM2021Robert McMillan PGP
Pat Shuttleworth 2022Orrist Michalenka