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Electa #2

Mailing Address: , 1302 Crescent Rd. W., Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 0Z7

Meeting Location: Portage Masonic Hall, 52 Tupper St. S., Portage la Prairie, MB

Meeting Dates/Times: 3rd Wednesdays at 8:00 pm.
Exceptions: November, December, January, and February meetings are at 1:00 pm.

Recess: July and August


Worthy MatronEdith Penman PM
Worthy PatronOrrist Michalenka PP
Associate MatronBeverly Wait
Associate PatronCameron Wait PP
SecretaryWendy Safruik PM
TreasurerJo-Anne Knox PM
ConductressPat Shuttleworth PM
Associate ConductressHilda McMillan PGM
ChaplainElwyn Brown PP
MarshalGerald Tennant PP
OrganistBob McMillan PGP
RuthDianne Tennant
EstherSally Tully PM
MarthaHelen Ebel PM
ElectaKae Yurkiw
SentinelMargaret Cove PM

Affiliated Chapters

Palestine #7, Naomi #11, Elm Creek#32

Past Matrons and Past Patrons

*deceased, ^no longer a member **Covid 24 Month Term

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Leila Hazelton PGM *1914William Bedman *
Leila Hazelton PGM *1915William Bedman *
Annie McKee *1916William Bedman *
Winnifred McPherson * 1917Walter Tait *
Ada Smith *1918Samuel McKee PGP *
Ada Smith *1919Charles Crobb *
Mamie Boak *1920Harry Preece *
Christina Grieve *1921Harry Preece *
Edith Tait *1922Clement King *
Ethel Hill *1923Charles Krempaeux *
Ivy Stevens *1924William Witt *
Annie Grobbs *1925Archibald Lyon *
Olive Davidson *1926Sidney McKay *
Mabel Snyder *1927Erle George *
Margaret Trimble *1928George Dewar *
Elizabeth Winton *1929John McKenzie *
Minnie Fallis *1930William Grieve *
Lillian Whyte *1931James McRae *
Elizabeth McLean *1932Allan Fallis PGP *
Madge Lyon *1933H. Winton *
Mary Price PGM *1934Joseph Hyde *
Christina Wright *1935George Wright *
Annie Simpson *1936William Brown *
Agnes McKay *1937Clement King *
Emma Baker1938George Wright *
Frances Hyde *1939Joseph Hyde *
Jessie Crewson *1940Charles Grobb *
Hope Bailey *1941Charles Cole *
Etta Crewson *1942George Abernathy *
Marion Mowatt *1943George Dewar *
Edith Smith *1944Hugh Winton *
Katherine Loochuk *1945George Wright *
Jean Rutledge *1946George Dewar *
Lila M. Hyde *1947George Dewar *
Ada Smale *1948William Preece *
Jessie Keats *1949J. Kenneth Lee *
Anne Kerr *1950George Wright *
Runa Garrett *1951George Dewar *
Florence Ashby *1952Keith Bradley *
Lillian McJannet *1953Henry Lamoureux *
Eva Grigg *1954George Wright *
Norma Guinn PGM *1955George Dewar *
Irene Penman *1956George Wright *
Viola Lamont *1957Edward W. Smale *
Minnie McDougall *1958Edward Ashby *
Bertha Campbell *1959William Bradley *
Irene Slater *1960George Slater *
Jessie Renwick *1961Percy Renwick *
Ena Bradley *1962Edward Smale *
Pearl Roy *1963Percy Renwick *
Doreen Bagrie1964William Bradley *
Nettie Buddick *1965Edward Smale *
Doreen Cobbe 1966Percy Renwick *
Muriel Jessiman *1967William Bradley *
Doreen Wall *1968Robert Moss *
Harriet McCleary *1969Robert Moss *
Jean Gallagher *1970Roy Watson *
Ella Cook *1971Edward Ashby *
Fredda Fraser1972Nels Link *
Rose Parrott *1973E. W. Smale *
Helen McLeod *1974Lawrence Taylor *
Gwen Gretsinger *1975Nels Link *
Marilyn Giffin *1976William Bradley *
Gladys Crealock *1977Stan Rideout *
Isabelle Link *1978Nels Link *
Vicki Johnson *1979Gordon Nichol *
Merle Rideout *1980Stan Rideout *
Eileen John *1981Gordon Nichol *
Millicent Cox *1982Stan Johnson PGP *
Audrey Hewitt *1983Edward Ashby *
Miriam Nichol *1984Alvin Hewitt *
Sally Tully1985Stan Johnson PGP *
Norma Guinn PGM *1986Gordon Nichol *
Aileen Young *1987Terry Safruik ^
Pearl McDonald *1988Stan Johnson PGP *
Wendy Safruik1989Terry Safruik ^
Jo-Anne Knox1990Alvin Hewitt *
Sally Tully1991Stan Johnson PGP *
Vicki Johnson *1992Jack Blowers *
Pat Tutte ^1993J. Terry Tutte ^
Marilyn Stanger *1994Terry Safruik ^
Wendy Safruik1995Stan Johnson PGP *
Helen McKay1996Harold McKay *
Marilyn Stanger *1997Roy Watson *
Vicki Johnson *1998Stan Johnson PGP *
Wendy Safruik1999Alvin Stanger PGP *
Gillian McAllister *2000Gordon Ebel PGP *
Sally Tully2001Stan Johnson PGP *
Ann Edgeworth *2002Alvin Stanger PGP *
Helen Ebel2003Gordon Ebel PGP *
Christine McGillivray ^2004Stan Johnson PGP *
Jean Michalenka *2005Orrist Michalenka
Pat Shuttleworth2006Lyall Wood *
Jean Michalenka *2007Orrist Michalenka
Vicki Johnson *2008Alvin Stanger PGP *
Edith Penman2009Stan Johnson PGP *
Helen Ebel2010Orrist Michalenka
Wendy Safruik2011Alvin Stanger PGP *
Helen Ebel2012Orrist Michalenka
Helen Ebel2013Orrist Michalenka
Wendy Safruik2014Orrist Michalenka
Edith Penman2015Elwyn Brown
Hilda McMillan PGM2016Gerald Tennant
Sandra Drysdale*2017Orrist Michalenka
Edith Penman2018Gerald Tennant
Edith Penman2019, 2020**Robert McMillan PGP
Hilda McMillan PGM2021Robert McMillan PGP
Pat Shuttleworth 2022Orrist Michalenka
Hilda McMillan PGM2023Robert McMillan PGP