This Website is Dedicated To The Members
of the Grand Chapter of Manitoba
Order of the Eastern Star

Our Canadian Flag

Instituted 1922

Our Manitoba Flag

Membership is the key to our success and to our future
world wide. Our Members not only support our Order
but also support our Masonic Family affiliations, our Communities,  our Charities,  our Families, our
Seniors, our Armed Forces  and our Country.

Maralice Blagden  P.G.M.  /  Grand Secretary / 52-525 Cathcart Street,
Winnipeg,  Manitoba  Canada R3R 0S6     Phone / Fax: (204) 889-7384

All members’ personal comments,  information,  suggestions,  E-mail
addresses,  and or phone links to be inserted or removed must be
requested either in writing or e-mail direct to
the Grand Secretary to be on this Eastern Star Website.
No personal information will be forwarded to any third party
with the possible exception of that of the Grand Secretary of
Manitoba, Order of the Eastern Star Grand Chapter office.