Presented by Mrs. Eileen Hurlburt, P.G.M. at the 50th Anniversary of the Grand Chapter of Manitoba in 1972 and reproduced with her permission.

“Winnipeg , Manitoba, Latitude 49-54 degrees North, Longitude 97-08 degrees West, the world’s greatest grain centre, at the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red rivers, in one of the choicest of God’s fertile gardens, with its beautiful buildings, splendid hotels and true men and women with hearts of Gold. June 20th, 1922.”

Early in May of the year, 1922, the Most Worthy Grand Patron, Dr. Alfred C. McDanniel, from his office in San Antonio, Texas, sent a call to each Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star in Manitoba to appear in Winnipeg, June 20th and 21st, to take part in the organization of the Grand Chapter. As a result, representatives of the fourteen Chapters came to enjoy the first Homecoming of the Members of this Province.

The purpose of calling together of the members of these fourteen Chapters was to organize the Grand Chapter of Manitoba, Order of the Eastern Star. Since that time, an annual convention has been held and this week we are completing fifty years of the progress in Manitoba with our “Tree of Life” Session.

Sixty-seven Chapters have been instituted in our Province and although all are not operating at the present time, they extended from Churchill in the North to the United States border; Pine Falls in the East to Flin Flon on the Saskatchewan boundary

Representatives from all Chapters have held elected or appointed offices in the Grand Chapter of Manitoba, and at this our Golden Anniversary Session, we are privileged to have many Past Grand Officers with us.

Tonight we are planning to present a short history of the past fifty years and to introduce to you the Worthy Grand Matrons and Worthy Grand Patrons and members of their Grand Families in our Golden Anniversary Pageant.

      “ Friendship is a golden thread that runs throughout the years,
      And we look back on the past, that shining thread appears;
      Weaving in and out the days, a bright unbroken strand,
      Life’s fabric becomes worn beneath the pressure of Time’s hand;
      But nothing dims the brightness of a friendship tried and true,
      The colors may be faded, but the gold comes gleaming through.”

In reviewing the history of our Grand Chapter we will endeavor to bring to you now, in words and music, a few highlights of the past fifty years.

The first golden threads of Manitoba’s Tapestry were woven by dedicated pioneers of our first fourteen Chapters when the Grand Chapter of Manitoba was legally constituted and chartered by the General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star.

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